About Us

Our values

As we continue our work with those in need, Our vision is that local communities in North Yorkshire, particularly around Thirsk, will become stronger and more resilient and those communities feel that they belong, are connected and live independent, active and fulfilled lives. 

How we try to work  

Every day at Community Works, whether it’s in our Re:use store, at our front reception desk or even gathered around the kettle having a well earned break, we try and live out our work with five values that we hope will also affect our behaviours. 

  • Integrity – We try to be honest, open and transparent
  • Involving others – We work hard to involve our service users & volunteers in shaping our work and our future
  • Quality – We try and do the best we can in all of our work
  • Community – We’re always listening to those around us and we work with others whenever we can
  • Valuing others – We see the unique value in everyone and don’t give up easily

Our team


We’re delighted to welcome Alice to our Older People’s Services team.  Alice likes Lego building, reading murder mysteries, walking and spending time with her 5 year old son. She dislikes Olives, mean people and not sleeping well.

Alice would like to have Mary Magdalene round for tea, although Mary may be shocked as Alice would also invite the band Queen to perform whilst they were munching away!


Chelsea works in the Re:Use store as a Shop Assistant.  Chelsea likes games, learning new things and creativity and dislikes Vultures and overcooked Lettuce.  Chelsea would like to have Matthew Mercer round for tea.

Ellie A

Ellie A

Ellie A is our Finance & Admin Assistant and has been working with us since October 2019. She Likes Marvel movies, reading and socialising with friends and family. Her dislikes are horror movies, bad drivers and Spiders. The past or present Famous person she’d like to have round for tea would be Kevin Hart….’because he is hilarious and we are properly almost the same height’…we’ll try and make it happen.

Ellie C

Ellie C

Ellie C (known as ‘Beans’), is PA to the Chief Executive Officer and the Support Worker for the charity. She has been a part of the team since November 2020. She likes spending time with her family, watching films and going on walks. She dislikes the cold, roundabouts and maths. A celebrity Ellie would like to invite round for tea would be Billie Eilish as her music and story has inspired her in many ways.



Esther is our cleaner and has been with us since October 2022. She likes reading, drawing, listening to music and attending gigs. She dislikes rudeness, sports and adverts. The past or present Famous person she would like to have round for tea would be David Bowie who she has been a fan of since she was a little girl.  The hardest part of Esther’s job is trying to clean Rob’s office.



Gill works with our Older People and co-ordinates our OPS work and has been here for a while.  Gill enjoys her job, cooking, crafting , gardening, walking and spending time with her Grandchildren . Gill dislikes computers, mobile phones and swearing! She likes tasting different puddings, and the theatre. The famous person she’d like to have tea with would be Alan Titchmarsh.

Jelly and Jess

Jelly and Jess (AKA Steve and Jess) are our lifters, shifters and driving team for the Re:Use store.  You’ll see them round and about delivering and collecting furniture for us on a daily basis.

It took so long to get a photo that we’re going to let you guess their likes and dislikes!


Kate is our Car Scheme Co-Coordinator and has been with us since January 2023. She likes Dogs, Cats, the theatre, films, walks in the Countryside, different cuisines and spending time with family and friends. She dislikes Rude people, Mushrooms, Pineapple and getting stuck in queues. She would love to have Michael Palin round for tea to discuss his travels.



Kirsty is our Operations Manager and has been working with us since December 2012. She enjoys Chinese food, swimming, and craft, she’s not too keen on washing up or gaming. If she was to have a celebrity round for tea it would be P!nk as her music has supported her through highs and lows.


Libby is our extremely talented Finance Officer and joined us in March 2023.  Libby is also an award winning florist and likes quizzing, snow globes and Eurovision.  Her dislikes include shellfish and crowded places.  The famous celebrity that Libby would like to have round for dinner is Richard Osman.  We let Libby create her own avatar!


Liga is our Community Worker and Volunteer Co-Ordinator and joined us in February 2024.  Liga likes camping, travelling, waterfalls and being in nature. She also likes food and baking, and says ‘it’s like therapy for me cooking and baking for family and friends’! Liga was born by the sea back in Latvia, and loves being a Mum.

Her dislikes are Worms, Snakes, and unkindness. If Liga could have someone famous round for tea it would be the World’s greatest peacemakers and visionaries like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.





Oliver is our Head of Keywork and Engagement and supports adults who may have a number of issues preventing them accessing the employment market, as well as providing a wide range of one to one support services. Oliver has been with us since 2019 but has worked for the charity since 2012. He likes music, cinema and following sport. He dislikes paperwork, silence and Golf. If he had to have anyone round for tea it would be Orson Welles.


Rob is our Chief Executive Officer and joined Community Works in September 2022.  He likes Leeds Utd, Yorkshire Cricket and playing cricket, everything Yorkshire & his family.  He dislikes ‘celebrities’, trashy TV that melts your brain and various politicians.  Rob would like to have Frank Skinner, C.S. Lewis and Elvis Presley round for tea.


Simon is our Men’s Wellbeing Worker and joined us in April 2024.  We’ve combined Simon’s likes and dislikes into a scenario of his perfect day!

Simon would love to wake up and not have to wear a suit, which probably wouldn’t suit him running an ultra marathon.  After he’d run this, he’d have a Chinese with some Chocolate, and then not have to eat any Mushrooms.  He would then like to have Muhammad Ali and Peter Kay round for dinner, at which he wouldn’t have to wear any pointless clothing!



Vic Stapylton is the Shop Manager of our Re:use store and our Women’s Worker.  Vic’s likes include a cold pint of Guinness, Horses and her Mini. Her dislikes include Romain Bananas, rude people and Hopscotch. The famous person that Vic would like to have round for tea would be Elvis Presley.  Vic once went out on a date with one of the Beach Boys!